What happens to Maple Hill dairy cows once they cannot be milked anymore?

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Cows on Maple Hill farms usually live twice as long, and often 3 times longer than industrial farms’ dairy cows. They are free to express their “cow-ness”, living a long, healthy life. Farmers love their cows and do their best to provide them with comfortable housing, dry bedding, nutrient dense pasture, and good laneways to get to pasture safely. Maple Hill cows tend to be affectionate and sweet. If an unhealthy, unproductive animal is kept in the herd, it becomes bad for the environment as a result of her carbon footprint: it uses environmental resources, produces greenhouse gases, and does not serve an ecological purpose. When a cow’s health begins to decline and she can no longer safely participate in the intense rotational grazing required on the farm to keep healthy, she is usually sold to a beef farm. We consider it respectful to the animal’s life to make sure no part of her is wasted. Similar to a family pet, we do not allow our cows to suffer in old age.