What breeds / kinds of cows live on your farms?

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Our farms raise breeds of cows that traditionally thrive on a pasture-based diet, including Jersey cows, Jersey crosses, Devon crosses, Dutch Belts, and even some smaller Holsteins. Dharma Lea, our lead dairy farm also raises Ohonte cattle, a dairy breed they have developed over the last decade. Their Ohonte bulls, Rex, and his son, Reggie, are bred out to our other farms’ cows to spread excellent grass-fed genetics.

The dairy cows on our farms tend to be much smaller than the cows on large commercial dairies (800-1100 lbs. compared to 1500-1800 lb. Holsteins), but they are efficient milk producers, and their milk has better “components” than most commercial dairy cows—meaning ounce for ounce, higher in protein and milkfat.