What are A1 and A2 cows? And what type of cows live on your farms?

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A1 and A2 refers to the type of beta-casein—one type of protein found in cows’ milk (the other is whey). Most cows produce a combination of these two proteins. Some scientists and health practitioners believe that cow’s milk with a dominant or singular A2 protein type produce an easier-to-digest milk.

There is a significant amount of science that suggests that after cows were domesticated, a natural genetic mutation changed the amino acids from proline to histidine based, and created a different beta-casein protein, now referred to as A1. A1-dominant cows are usually the larger European breeds such as Holsteins and Friesian, which are most common in the US dairy industry.

We have not invested in any testing to determine if our cows are primarily A1 or A2 cows, or carry any percentage of A2 genes, although some of our farms are independently researching these options as they plan to breed to reach A2 genetics