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How are cows on your farms treated?

Cows who live on 100% grass-fed organic dairy farms have very different lives than cows on large, industrial dairies. In general, their living conditions are more comfortable (pasture, sun, and grazing vs. being confined in a feeding barn). Most of the cows have names and the farmers know all of their animals. Our cows are fed the diet they are designed by nature to eat (grass!), as they are ruminant animals. They do not suffer from the maladies common in cows fed a grain or corn based diet, which is reflected in their good health, easy pregnancies, and longevity. It is very common for our cows to live 8-10 years compared to 3 or 4 for conventional dairy cows. Our average longevity is 6 years, because it includes losses at birth or very early age, which are reflected on the overall average, but this still means about twice as many pregnancies as a conventional cow.

Unlike some other “100% grass-fed” dairy brands, our calves are never fed supplemental grain, soy, or corn, but enjoy a diet of mother’s milk (direct from their mother or from the milk tank, depending on the farm) until they start to graze for themselves.

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