Why Grass-Fed?

Better For Us

Choosing 100% grass-fed organic is better for us, better for cows, better for the land and better for farmers. Learn how.

Better for Cows

A Maple Hill 100% Grass-Fed Cow's Life

Cows bodies are designed to eat grass - only recently have humans begun to feed them corn, grain and other foods. This affects not only the cow's health but the quality of the milk. Maple Hill's cows eat only 100% organic grass, year-round, as nature intended. Learn about our Maple Hill cows below!

Better for Land

Maple Hill farms benefit the land

Maple Hill farms' practice of growing our own organic grass on the farm reduces the carbon footprint of dairy farming. No corn, no grain, just grass is used to feed Maple Hill cows - this decreases the carbon footprint of dairy farming, and actually improves the land we farm, as opposed to depleting it.

Better for Farmers

Behind the scenes of a Maple Hill dairy farm

Did you know that Maple Hill 100% grass-fed organic dairy farmers are also grass farmers? Healthy green pastures make healthier milk which comes from healthy cows and land.


Pasture management means more than just letting the grass grow! Springtime on a Maple Hill 100% grass-fed organic dairy farm brings lots of work and excitement for lush green grass and the season’s first calves. Our cows return with much enthusiasm to newly green pastures.


In summer, happy and healthy Maple Hill cows graze in lush, sun-filled pastures. Summer grasses are extra nutrient-dense. Summer is busy with hay harvest, grazing, and breeding.


In the Fall, Maple Hill cows are still grazing and are also enjoying hay as their bodies prepare for the winter. More calves are born during this time of year.


Cows are still out on pasture every day, weather permitting. Maple Hill cows continue to eat organic hay and socialize outside. Maple Hill cows are happier and healthier being outdoors during the winter. Wintertime is busy for our farmers who are planning for next years' lush pastures to ensure a healthy, happy herd.