Against the Grain: Spartan Series Kickoff

This is Maple Hill – We are Spartan: Go Against the Grain

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Spartan in 2017. This partnership brings to life a shared mission of rising to meet challenges even when it means going “Against the Grain.”

The status quo told us when we were just starting out in the dairy industry that we couldn’t raise cows on “just grass”. Now, with 100 farms and counting, we showed the world that feeding cows “just grass” is not only possible – it’s beneficial to the land, the cows, the farmers and to the end product.

We decided to go Against the Grain. In the same spirit, Spartan inspires racers to test themselves. They believe “you can’t have a strong body without a strong mind,” and that obstacles make us stronger. We agree.

It’s the world’s best obstacle race, powered by the world’s best 100% grass-fed organic dairy. Join us and go #AgainsttheGrain:

Maple Hill Creamery Sponsored Spartan Race Events 2017

(racers will receive Maple Hill Creamery product as recovery upon completion)

April 22nd-23rd, Seattle

June 10th-11th: Chicago*

June 10th: Hudson Valley

August 26th-27th: Breckenridge

November 4th-5th: Fenway

December 9th-10th: Los Angeles

*full product samples not available at this event, racers will receive Maple Hill finisher bags and coupons

Want to try 100% grass-fed organic fuel before the big race? Print this coupon and use at any retailer that carries Maple Hill Creamery dairy products.